Full Detailing Services

 Everything You Expect to See - And More

  • Hand wash, clay bar decontamination, and paint sealent (uprgaded protection offered)
  • Complete interior cleaning, disinfection, and UV protective coating
  • Professional vacuum cleaning and blow out
  • Wheel cleaning and tire dressing
  • Hand cleaning and conditioning of leather seats and trim
  • Wipe down of painted door panels
  • Cleaning of windows, front and rear windshield
  • Seat and or carpet shampoo & extraction can be performed for additional cost

From $250

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Partial Detailing

Interior Detail - $175+

Inside of vehicle is cleaned to perfection and protected. Vacuuming, windows, plastics, decontamination & disinfection of all surfaces. All trim coated in non-greasy dressing, and all leather conditioned.

Exterior Detail - $175+

Exterior is pre-soaked with bug, sap, and tar remover when neccessary. Exterior is given a foam bath, then meticulously hand washed. Exterior is decontaminated using both iron remover and clay bar treatment. Finally, a six month paint sealent is applied.

Mini Detail - $175+

Mini Details are focused on cleaning rather than protection. They consume half the time as a full detail, and do not include and coating or protection to the interior or exterior. The work is less thorough than a full detail, but will still leave you satisfied.

Additional Services

Pet Hair / Sand Removal - $50

For severe cases of sand and pet hair, we can take to severe measures to make your car beautiful again.

Fabric Shampoo - $50

for heavy staining, soil, grime and residue - a shampoo treatment is the best option.

Exterior Polishing - $100

For light scratches, abrasions, and swirl marks - we can polish them out and have your car shining like new.

Scratch Removal - $50 (Per Panel)

Have individual scratches that are bothering you, but don't want the whole car polished? We can remove them.

Enginge Bay Cleaning - $50

Whether it’s just moving floors or across the country, our movers are experienced and trained to.

Dent Removal - (Prices Vary)

Don't want to replace the whole panel? Dent & scratch removal is the next best thing.